02.19.2019 WOD


02.19.2019 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Front Squat (Week 1 of 4)
65% x 5
75% x 5
85% x max reps

*In between each set complete 20 Single-arm alternating V-ups.


For Time
30 One-arm DB Thrusters (50/35)*
30 Alternating DB Snatch
30 One-arm Push Press*
30 One-arm OH Lunges*
30 Front Squats (Goblet style)
6 Clapping push-ups at the top of each minute (Rx lite: hand release push-ups)
* Split up reps evenly between left and right arm…ie 15 reps each arm. Break it up any way you like.

Do 6 push-ups every minute, including at the start of the WOD, before continuing the dumbbell work. Athlete is allowed to move to the next dumbbell skill once he/she has completed all 30 reps of the previous dumbbell movement. If the minute clock beeps during a repetition the athlete will complete their rep and then start their 6 push-ups.