04.05.2018 WOD


04.05.2018 WOD

A. Mobility & Warm-up

B. Volume

Pull-Up Volume:
E2MOM for 10 minutes with 10 pull-ups:
Start with strict or most challenging pull-up and do as many reps until failure. Resume with kipping or down to the next challenging pull-up and do the remainder reps (if I did 5 strict, I would then do 5 kipping in the remaining time of the 2 minute window). Repeat for 5 rounds. Start with strict/most difficult pull-up at every 2 minutes. At the end of the 10 minutes, your total number of all pull-ups is 50.

NNFT (not necessarily for time):

500m row
10 bench press (225/125)*
1000m row
15 bench press (205/105)
1500m row
20 bench press (185/85)
NNFT (not necessarily for time, but clock will be running if you want to know your time)

*Scale as needed, i.e. 70% of 1RM on 1st set, 65 on 2nd set and 60% on last set. Please have a spotter at all times.

D. Core Finisher of coaches choice — time permitting.