06.26.2018 WOD


06.26.2018 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Gymnastics Warm-up

Tabata (20s work/10s rest)
*Hollow rock
Alternate each movement (4 rounds each)

How to hollow. Follow us for more daily goodness! . #Repost @kai_athletics ・・・ Midline March Day 9 . The Tuck Hollow Position . The hollow body position is the foundation of all body weight movement and crucial to developing a strong and healthy trunk which supports all core to extremity movement while allowing us to maintain a healthy back and body. . As we strengthen our midline by training static position holds and time under tension, such as with variations of the hollow, we begin to see a huge carryover of strength and body awareness, not just limited to body weight skill work, but also extending to all barbell movements and so much more. . The more we develop strength and awareness in the hollow the more fun we will be able to have in the more advanced gymnastical ninja skills. . Let’s get supaaa ninja! Your challenge today is to complete 3-5 sets of a 30 sec hold. Let us know how it goes! Enjoy!???????????? . @rayregno @rx2movement @nicolezapoli @nzxfitness @easmyoplex @crossfitdelmar

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“Nasty Girls” (Kings Style)
50 Lunges
7 muscles-up (bar or ring) or 14 strict pull-ups
10 Hang Power Snatch (115/75)
3 rounds for time

Monkey Month Day 16 . Toe Nail Pull Up . The toenail pull up is one way to scale the strict pull up. Begin by racking a bar low sitting hips to heels, toenail down, with heels in line with the rig and directly under the bar overhead. From there find hollow through the trunk while activating the lats by pressing through the palm keeping elbows in as you pull chin above the bar with head in a neutral position and eyes straight ahead. . If you are working on achieving your strict pull ups spend some time this week and in the weeks to come working the toenail pull up in combination with the strict hollow ring row to build that strict strength base. Anytime pull ups show up in a workout work these strict progressions rather than just grabbing a band, jumping, kipping, etc. Strict strength takes time to build… enjoy the journey and take pride in building your strict strength FIRST! . @rx2movement @nzxfitness @easmyoplex @crossfitdelmar

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