07.01.2019 WOD


07.01.2019 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Coach led dynamic warm-up and mobility

1 hang snatch from power position + segmented power snatch (2 sec pause at knee)
Start light and add weight each min ONLY if technique doesn’t break down

B) 5 Unbroken sets
Row 20/16 cals
10-14 Kipping pull-ups
8-12 Kipping handstand push-ups
8-10 Snatches (95/65)
90 sec rest

Score = total reps unbroken. If you break, 5 burpee penalty that must be completed before finishing set. That break is your score marker for that set. For example if you break pull ups at 8, you do 5 burpees but still have to get to at least 10. 8 PU is your score for that set.

*aim is to complete each set unbroken that falls within the rep range prescribed. Scale HSPU to dB/kb push press