09.10.2018 WOD


09.10.2018 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Primer
2 rounds
2 wall walks or 30 sec wall facing handstand holds
15 sec single arm hang off bar/per arm
10m quadruped crawl (focus on the opposite arm and leg moving at the same time)
10m reverse quadruped crawl

C. Skill work – 15 min
Use this time to practice pull up progressions. This can also be used to practice muscle-up only if all forms of pull ups are dialed in. Practice kipping, butterfly, c2b, or strict. Half time on skill and half time on developing strength. If you use bands still, practice tempo pull ups.

4 rounds
6 DB burpee box step overs (35/25)
12 C2B Pull ups or Rx+ 6 Bar mu
Run 200m
-rest 30 secs
12 alternating overhead DB lunges (35/25)
6 hspu or 6 ring dips for scaled
250m row HARD
-rest 60 secs
*goal is for each cluster to go unbroken