10.14.2015 WOD


10.14.2015 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Warm-up
500m Row, then
400m Run

Followed by 10 minutes of light hang snatch and hang cleans.


Teams of 2

50 Dumbbell Snatch (50/30)
400m Relay run

Hang Squat Snatch (95/55)***
Muscle-ups (2x reps for strict pull-ups)

40 db snatch
300m relay run

Hang Squat Clean (135/95)
Muscle-ups (2x strict pull-ups)

30 db snatch
200m Relay run
For time (25 min cap)

The movement must be performed in the high hang or power position (bar should be in contact with the hips above the pubic bone. Get full extension (stand tall), hips come through the bar and “catch” the bar at the bottom of the squat. Athletes that are comfortable with this movement have the option to go up in weight (115/75).