10.15.2018 WOD


10.15.2018 WOD

A. Mobility

Warmup: Coaches choice

EMOM 8 min
Even min: Push press
30×3 tempo *tempo is really – 3 seconds slowly down into a TnG PP, with 3 seconds hold at top

3-5 reps

Odd min: Strict handstand push-up (Rx lite: Handstand holdnor Pike push-up)
30×0 tempo
3-5 reps

12 min AMRAP

3 Strict ring pull-ups
5 Strict Toes to Rings
6 KB push press/arm (35/26)
12 Alternating KB Front rack lunge
5 Single Arm KB snatch from floor/arm
20 Double-unders

*Move with purpose and steady. NOT racing pace.