11.05.2018 WOD


11.05.2018 WOD

A. Mobility & Warmup

B. Volume
EMOM 8 min
Even min: Push press 2-4 reps
20×2 tempo *tempo is really – 2 seconds slowly down into a TnG PP, with 2 seconds hold at top

Odd min: Strict pull up – 3 sec negative, 1 sec hold at bottom, 1 sec pause at top
31×1 tempo
3-5 reps

(a) 10 min continual movement, focus on movement quality not speed

10 KB Turkish sit ups – 5 per arm (16kg/12kg)
10 KB Z press – 5 per arm
8 strict toe bar

Rest 4 mins before moving onto WOD (b) below

(b) 300m row – 1 min rest x 6
*must increase each interval by 1-2 secs

Side note on the row, coaches will need to program the rowers to intervals and choose 300m for the row and 1 min on rest for 6 intervals. If not enough rowers, split class up and alternate on WOD’s (a) and (b)

Also, no bands will be allowed on pull ups, athlete can use a box to jump up, but they must work on the negative pull