07.03.2015 WOD


07.03.2015 WOD

A. Mobility

B. Warm-up
“Coaches Choice”

Teams of 3

Buy-in: 300m relay run (Each athlete runs 300m twice)

Followed by 30 rounds of:
6 jumping squats w/ blank bar (Rx+75/55)
12 barbell lunge
24 unbroken double-unders*

Only one athlete working at a time. For teams of 3, each athlete should complete 10 rounds.

* If you break on the dubs the remainder of the reps will be performed in muscle-ups. Rx lite is pull-ups. Each team must keep track of total “broken” reps. For example, if you break at 12, the 12 unfinished reps will be muscle-ups. Total reps will be done after all 30 rounds have been completed.

300m relay run (2x)